Amavasya & its singnificance

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Amavasya & its singnificance

“Amavasya” is a Sanskrit word which is derived from “AMA” meaning together and   “VASYA” meaning to dwell i.e. the day when sun and moon dwell together.

Amavasya is the last day of the darker half (waning) of the lunar month when the conjunction of sun and moon takes place. It is the no-moon or the new moon day .

Scientific theories

Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) has proved recently that waxing and waning of moon affects human mind and body.

Physical Impact

Since ancient times scientists have proved that waxing and waning of moon affects the functioning of the human body just as it affects earth’s water bodies leading to tides. The gravitational force of moon declines during this day pulling everything up, leading to tides. The similar impact is there on our body’s fluid i.e. blood. Hence the blood circulation in our body increases leading to enhancing of our emotions i.e. if we are distressed we become more miserable, and if we are happy we feel much happier.

Emotional/Spiritual Impact

Due to water getting attracted towards moon, the gaseous elements in water (water vapor) come into high pressure zone. Since negative energies i.e. ghosts are in gaseous form, they get that high pressure energy and so they attack humanity to a larger extent on this day. The incidence of eloping, suicides and possession by ghosts is highest on new moon day.

Vedas Theories

Amalgamation of life happens on this day as the negative and positive energies are uniting and so the process of life slows down. You feel the presence of something only when it is taken away from you ( presence of your friend is felt only when he is away from you) . You understand the nature of your body only when it behaves unnaturally (it gets sick). These are the days given to everyone by god to rise from untruth to truth i.e. analyzing what is me (physically and mentally) and what is not me. Hence, Amavasya is believed to be the best day for seeking liberation.

According to Vishnu Dharm Shastra, amavasya is the day when our forefather’s souls (pitra ) visit earth. That is why, this day is considered to be auspicious for donating things to poor for fulfilling our Pitra’s desires.

According to Mahabharat, when Karna died, he could not get any food as he donated only gold. So during one of the amavasya’s he was sent back to earth so that he could donate food to the poor, only then when he went back to the yamalok, he was given food.

According to atharva veda,new moon is capable of bestowing wealth and valiant son.


Offering prayers during amavasya are considered to be the best for liberation.

 Also fasting during this day reduces the acidity in our body, thus leading to the balancing of the gravitational force of moon on our mind and body. Performing prayers keeps you calm and ensures peace of mind.

Donating to the poor on this day leads to the balancing of the negative energy of earth (ghosts getting their desires fulfilled).


Somwar (Monday) is considred to be the day of lord Shiva ( the destroyer or the god of ghosts).If amavasya falls on Monday its considered to be more powerful as the day of Lord of ghosts coincides with the day of fulfilling the desires of forefathers.

This day that is why is considered to be the best to perform the prayers for the remedy of “Pitradosh” (Karmic debt by ancestors).The prayer can involve chanting of maha mrityunjay mantra, offering water to the Shivalinga, offering water, milk and honey to peepal tree and worshipping Maha-Kali.It can also be accompanied by offering food to the crows.

Fasting and donating things to the poor is considered to be as auspicious this day as offering prayers during festivals like Diwali.One who fasts this day is bestowed with wealth,valiant sons and enlightenment.


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