Salasar Balaji


Salasar Dham or Salasar Balaji is one of the most recognized temples of India. This temple was constructed in 18th century by saint Mohandasji. This temple has a unique look of Lord Hanuman with a beard, a moustache, tilak on forehead, beautiful eyes and knotty eyebrows. Salasar Balaji Temple or Salasar Dham is recognized as most influential & miraculous place for all devotee of Lord Hanuman. Most of devotees visiting this place have faith and belief as per the miracle that has happened in their life, that whosoever visits this place with pure devotion has always got his wish fulfilled.

This temple is a sprawling and sparkling property made of silver and gold walls. Inspirational verses and beautiful carvings depicting tales of “Ramayana” adorn the silver walls.

This temple is well renowned. Even when the temperatures here are as high as 50 degrees and as low as 0 degree centigrade, one can see a long queue of devotees from all over the world. Especially during festivals (Chaitra Purnima, Ashwini Purnima and Hanuman Jayanti), the steady stream of devotees is remarkably high and the number extends in lakhs.

One of the noteworthy attribute of this temple is the “Hari kirtan” which goes on 24/7 since 20 years and the “Dhuni’ which is aflame since Saint Mohandasji (who established the temple) ignited it. Witnessing the “Shri Hari phal” (Coconut tying) tree is a thrilling experience in itself and strengthens one’s belief in the magical power of Lord Salasar Balaji.

Salasar Dham or Salasar Balaji Temple is situated in churu district of Rajasthan which is around 170 KMs from Jaipur.

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