Mehandipur Balaji Temple

MehandiMehandipur balaji temple is one of the renowned temples in India, known for getting rid of evil spirits. Thousands of people from all over India gather here every day to offer the prayers as it is believed that offering prayers with full devotion here takes away all negativities of your life.


This temple is situated at about 100 kilometers from Jaipur near Jaipur- Agra national highway. This temple is located in Dausa district .To reach here if travelling by train, the nearest railway station is badikui Railway station. If travelling by car, it’s next to Jaipur Agra national highway, 3Km from Balaji crossing. This temple is at about 226 Km from Salasar.


This temple has Lord Hanumanji’s idol in his childhood appearance. It is believed that once when demons attacked the locals of Mehandipur, Hanumanji himself came in the dream of the main priest of the village and instructed him to dig the Aravalli hills at a particular area. When the hill was dug at the area as instructed, an idol appeared representing Balaji in his childhood years. Accompanied with Balaji’s idol was Prêt Raja’s idol and Sri Ram’s idol. When the people who were spelled by demons worshipped the idol, miraculously all their pain went away. It’s also believed that the villagers even got what they lost because of demon’s spell (as in their monetary and personal wealth).


The main priest of the temple can be seen giving treatment to the devotees for getting rid of evil spirits. Treatment can vary from mental treatment i.e. offering prayers, reading holy texts to physical treatment i.e. keeping heavy stones on different parts of the body, sniffing different smokes. For some violent spirits one can be seen shackled with chains. This may appear a bit anachronistic at first, but many are seen cured in this way. Festival time such as Hanuman Jayanti and Dusshehra are belived to be most auspicious for casting off the evil spell.